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100% Confidential

87% Success Rate

Meet Equally Yoked Christians

Christian Matchmaking: Helping You Find Love That Lasts…

At Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking, we strongly believe in long-lasting healthy relationships that are centered on God. We want to find the person God has just for you! Finding that one person, that one unique gift from God with whom you can potentially spend the rest of your life, is our sole purpose.

To fulfill this calling, we combine God's direction with our ‘MEET YOUR FUTURE’ matchmaking process to ensure you find your future husband or wife.

We Do the Hard Work So You Won’t Have To

All our clients are paired with a dedicated team of relationship experts and Christian matchmakers, who with the help of our specially designed MEET YOUR PERSON matchmaking process endeavor to find the best match for maximum compatibility and a Christian love that’s going to last for the years to come.

The MEET YOUR PERSON matchmaking process is the perfect blend of sophisticated search algorithms and executive recruiting methodologies while also creating a holistic approach for every search based on intuition and experience. The process you will walk you through what’s happening with your every search throughout the way. 

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Unlike prevalent dating apps or networks, Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking is the boutique matchmaking leader in North American and offers an unparalleled strategic and 100% confidential approach to matchmaking.

Your Privacy, Our Responsibility.

At Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking, your privacy matters and we do everything within our power to ensure it’s safeguarded. All information about a client is shared only with Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking employees in utmost confidentiality. Moreover, client consent is mandatory before sharing any personal information with a potential match.

We aren’t a dating website or app. Hence, all client personal information is for internal use only and is kept in strict confidence throughout the process. We don’t collect or store any personal identifiable information of clients on our site. We firmly believe in individually interviewing every candidate to confirm potential matches accurately represent themselves.

Stay rest assured: From your first consultation to your happily ever after, our services are 100% confidential.

Connecting Equally Yoked Christian Singles Throughout U.S.

Equipped with a large industry proprietary database, our search teams work tirelessly to find matches that best meet your specific criteria. Our wide arsenal of resources and expansive reach enables us to find the right partner for you.

Not the most convenient option. Not your best friend’s friend. Only the absolute best for you.

Support & Prayer

We want to play our role in ensuring that interested Christian Singles marry within the faith, raise children in the faith, and preserve the faith for generations to come.

We promise all your compatible matches are searching for the same thing you are: A God centered relationship.

We are here if you need advice or support regarding Christian matchmaking, relationship coaching, Christian Dating, Christian life coaching, or anything related to leading a fulfilled Christian life.

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Quality Christian Singles, Just A Click Away!

Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking makes the search for quality Christian singles easier than ever before. Our search efforts go far beyond mere candidate search programs, and encompass proactive recruiting through extensive personal contacts and reliable scout networks. We only introduce potential matches to client for consideration after they have been vetted by our team of experts.

Why Trust Us?

Barbie Adler left was an executive recruiter and left this lucrative career to launch Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking 20+ years ago. Introducing executive recruiting methodologies to Christian matchmaking makes our matchmaking process uniquely powerful, resulting in an 87 percent success rate! While also respecting each client’s privacy, time and opportunity costs throughout the process.

Together, we can do more for you!


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