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What to think of Netflix "Indian Matchmaking

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Netflix's popular reality show "Indian Matchmaking" revolves around the work of India's top matchmaker, Sima Taparia. However, her work goes beyond arranging dates and marriages. The show highlights a spark that matchmaking ignites. Matchmaking brings a unique perspective into view, where a matchmaker looks for potential matches for individuals based on their personality and preferences.

After watching this show, we couldn't help but notice how it holds some ideas that could be valuable for Christian matchmaking. Let's explore these takeaways.

Take Your Relationships Seriously

If there's one valuable thing most people may have learned from this matchmaking series is how relationships should be taken seriously. As Christians, our faith bounds us to respect the relationship and only invest in one if we're willing to give it our all. From honesty to commitment, a relationship in Christ needs quite a lot to grow. And this Netflix show reminds us of just that.

Throughout the show, relationship and marriage have been emphasized and with the utmost significance, reminding us Christians how Holy and blessed this union is.

Scriptures repeatedly emphasize the importance of it. Genesis 2:24 reads, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." This verse is one of the most crucial verses that truly exhibit how important Holy Matrimony is.

Significance of Belief

The Holy Bible

Faith is of significance when two people come together in a relationship or a marriage, and this matchmaking series made it clear. When you're looking for someone to marry, you need to have some common interests. Remember, your partner doesn't have to be exactly like you, but you both need to have some common ground. Despite being opposites, similar values are essential, and you need to have the same religious beliefs to better understand this relationship.

Beliefs and values are the core of any relationship, and it's significant for you and your partner to share the same beliefs as it strengthens a relationship. As Christians, a marriage or a relationship needs to be Christ-centric, and that's only possible if your partner holds the same faith and beliefs as you.

Considering Compatibility

One of the leads in the show, Radhika, immediately asks her potential match what qualities he'd like his partner to have. This conversation was refreshing as it instantly cut to the chase.

Similarly, other conversations in the show are something Christians need to ponder over. It shows that intellectual and emotional qualities and compatibility are prioritized over physical attraction. By doing so, couples can evaluate if they are compatible and if they should proceed with their relationship.

Family Is Important

As mainstream or conventional as this sounds, the family does matter since it shapes an individuals' personality and ultimately affects their marriage and other relationships. In the show, we see couples discuss their families, roots, and other related things. Christian couples need to consider their familial values during relationships since it's a deciding factor for faith, value systems, and much more.

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