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Matchmaking Services for Women

God’s love is inspiring, everlasting, strong, and so much more. You wouldn’t trust Him unless you truly believe that His love gives hope to the hopeless and endures forever. Most women dream of sharing their life with a man who understands the power of God and worships His presence in his life. However, finding this dream man can be challenging, as you never really know what one's true intentions are.

Let the Matchmaking Experts Help You Find True Love

Lucky for you, at Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking, we help countless people across the area find a partner who’s strong in faith and will ensure to keep God at the center of the relationship. Our team will go above and beyond to meet with you, offer prayers and coach you during your single life and relationship. Our matchmaking process consists of six steps; you begin with filling our questionnaire, take the personality test, share your story with us, and we’ll do the rest. You can rest assured all your personal information is safe and secured with us. We screen every match to ensure complete honesty and take pride in our excellent success rate.

Every Profile is Screen for Maximum Compatibility

Dating people you are not compatible with can be emotionally exhausting and time-consuming. This is why our matchmakers focus on getting to know each client in person to select the match carefully. We seek God’s guidance through prayer. In addition to this, we also evaluate compatibility to highlight all factors that may keep you back from finding true love. Every match is made keeping several factors in mind to ensure our clients are confident and comfortable when they meet each other.

Relationship Coaching and Couple Coaching

We believe that serving and loving God should be every Christian’s top priority, which is why we strive to work beyond matchmaking. We also offer relationship coaching, couple coaching, pre-marital coaching, and life coaching.  Couples can get in touch with our experts to help them navigate through different roads in their relationship. Whether you want to strengthen your bond before getting married or need help with ensuring your partner is right for you, we can help you through.

Your Dream Man Is Only a Match Away 

Every relationship is a choice, and only with God’s love and blessings can every couple sail through storms that come their way. Our team helps you determine problems in relationships and find a suitable solution. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to learn more. Your dream man is only a match away.


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