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Christian Women Seeking Men

One of the biggest blessings when finding a partner is knowing what you want. We don’t just mean a checklist of how he looks or his professional qualifications; it’s important to dive deeper into his personality and beliefs. If you’re a Christian woman who’s strong in faith, you already know that finding a man who shares the same love and admiration for God is essential.


While there might be several dating apps online, how do you find a Christian man who puts God before anything in life? Is Church the only option? Lucky for you, it’s not. There are several great opportunities for you to find a Christian partner. At Yours Truly, we’ve been helping several couples find love, respect, and partnership while keeping God at the center of the relationship.

1. Expand Your Options

As mentioned above, finding a Christian partner in your Church can be challenging, especially if there’s no group for single people. Some Churches consist of mostly families and other married men, restricting your options completely. Using a matchmaking service like ours, we can help you connect with Christian men across the city who may go to a different Church. 

2. Search for Like-Minded Potential Mates

A Christian matchmaking service is extremely beneficial as it allows you to search for a match based on your preferences. We conduct multiple screenings of each profile and connect profiles that show maximum compatibility. You’ll be able to find a partner who shares the same religious views, which will help you connect with God better.  

3. Minimizes Dating Just For The Sake Of Dating

In today’s modern world, Tinder and other dating apps are used for short-term relationships. However, a Christian dating service like ours is specially designed to help Christian women find love and real connections. We encourage dating that turns into marriage. All the profiles we have are looking for long-term relationships and don’t date just for the sake of dating. 

Find the Man of Your Dreams

The Christian man of your dreams is waiting for a woman strong in faith like you. Begin your journey of love with the right man today! We offer different pricing plans based on what you're looking for. Don’t wait any longer; check out how our matching-making process works and sign up today. We have a team of friendly customer representatives who will answer all your questions and queries! We’re just a call away!



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