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Join Our Database, It's Easy!

You're almost there! Just fill out the questionnaire below as honestly and accurately as possible so we can start our search for the one God has for you. 

How serious are you about finding love?Reluctant. A friend or family member conviced me.Somewhat commited. I'm skeptical.I'm committed but dating has made me jadedI am in a great place to meet who God has for me110% I was ready yesterdayHow serious are you about finding love?
Are you generally in good health?
Do you desire children?
Do you use any recreational drugs?
Were you raised with religion?
What denomination of Christian are you?
How frequent do you practice?
Are you a part of any life groups?
What education level do you prefer?
Income preferences
What is your current relationship status?
Select all relatonship status you would be open to meeting in a potential match.
Becoming a member gives you the choice of who you meet and what matches you would like to pursue along with many other member benefits. Which would you like to do today?

Thanks for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire! We will contact you withing 24 hours.

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