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"Your Type" Personality Assessments for Christian Singles 

If you’re in search of your Christian Match, join our database and get the "Your Type" personality assessment for free.

100% Confidential

87% Success Rate

Meet Your Equally Yoked Match

About Yours Truly Christian
Matchmaking Candidate Program  

Our Candidate Program comprises people just like you: quality Christian singles seeking successful and high caliber partners searching for long-term, committed relationships. Once registered, you’ll be introduced to equally yoked potential partners by our incredible team of matchmakers.

Joining Our Database is 100% Confidential & 100% Complimentary!

When our relationship experts and matchmakers believe we’ve the perfect person to introduce you to, you’ll be contacted for an in-person interview. This may happen instantly after registering or sometime in the future. Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking makes no guarantees; however, you have nothing to lose and potentially the love of your life to gain.

So give it a try.

All our clients are searching for the same thing you are: A God centered relationship.

We are here if you need advice or support regarding Christian matchmaking, relationship coaching, Christian Dating, Christian life coaching, or anything related to leading a fulfilled Christian life.

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Your Person, Is Just A Click Away

At Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking we do the hard work so you won’t have to.

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