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About Us


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At Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking we do the hard work so you won’t have to.

Matt and Kristin were full of compassion, wisdom, love for the Lord, and love for us through our pre-marital counseling. They take pursuing the Lord seriously. They take your wellbeing and feelings seriously as well. Matt and Kristin showed tremendous insight into successful relationship dynamics, how to put God first in a relationship (while demonstrating that themselves), and a sincere desire to help other Christians (by the grace of God) to move towards a Godly marriage. They center their lives on Christ. If a Godly, Christ-centered, serious relationship is what you yearn for, Matt and Kristin have a lot to offer in helping you find it. I pray in faith that they would be used as tools of the Lord in helping guide men and women towards one another who have yearned for a relationship full of all that God desires for them.  Thank you God that you can do more for us than we could ever think or ask, in Jesus' holy name, amen. 


- James and Sarah of Atmosphere Church


More About Us

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At Yours Truly Christian Matchmaking, we strongly believe that God created you in pairs and designed someone special just for you! Finding that one person, that one unique gift from God with whom you can potentially spend the rest of your life, is our sole purpose.

Watch the video to learn more about us. Together, we can do more for you!

Your Story Begins Here.

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We promise all your compatible matches are searching for the same thing you are: A God centered relationship.


We are here if you need advice or support regarding Christian matchmaking, relationship coaching, Christian Dating, Christian life coaching, or anything related to leading a fulfilled Christian life.

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Our Affiliations

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International Association of Professional Matchmakers


Dallas Theological Seminary


Our Mission

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Too often, we’ve come across some of the most amazing, solid Christians searching for that special someone who also shares the same bond with God. For one reason or another, you just can't seem to find the one that God has created for you. Just as the servant of Abraham had the mission of finding a wife (Rebekah) for Isaac. Our mission is to serve God, and bring equally yoked Christians together.


Serving God is truly our priority, and that's why our mission doesn't end with just making matches. We want to support you with coaching and prayer. While you are single, while you are dating and while you are preparing for marriage. With Gods direction and our formula of compatibility tests, background checks, personal in home meetings, coaching and prayer we believe we can help you find your future husband or wife. 

Matchmaking and Christianity

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We want to play our role in ensuring that interested Christian Singles marry within the faith, raise children in the faith, and preserve the faith for generations to come.

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